Overland Park, KS Online

June 21, 2022 - June 25, 2022

(College and Lamar)
Overland Park, Kansas 66211

Sale Details


It's almost summertime!  Earn some extra cash while clearing out your kids' closets!  Consignors selling online with us earn up to 80% of their sales. This online sale will be an all seasons sale, which means Summer and Fall clothing shoes and more will be in high demand! 



Sign up to SELL Online with KCC!

Shopping Portal Opens 9am, Tuesday June 21 through Saturday, June 25 at midnight

(Check out our full sale schedule here)

Our June event will feature exclusively ALL SEASONS Baby to Teen clothing, Baby Equipment and Furniture, Maternity, Baby Gear, Books, Shoes, and  a Mommy Corner for items just for moms!  

  • Only Kid’s Closet Online Consignment Sales give you the freedom to tag and take photos of your items in the comfort of your home, and only deliver those items that sold to drop off!  Drop off location is VFW Hall, 9550 Pflumm, Lenexa, KS on Monday, June 27th from 10-6pm. Sign up for a time in your Control Panel. 
  • This is especially nice if you have unusual, one of a kind, larger furniture like kids' furniture and bedroom sets!
  • You can add more items during the sale!  
  • You will receive an email notification every time you sell an item!
  • Through this format we are also able to offer expanded categories including a Mommy's Corner for selling items for moms! Such as, womens clothing, home decor, kitchen accessories, wedding supplies, books and more!



Note that you MUST BE REGISTERED FOR THE ONLINE SALE for your items to show up on the website! To confirm that you are registered for the ONLINE SALE go to your control panel.


Consignors for the online event earn back up to 80% on each item sold and pay a reduced $5 consignor fee!


Earn 80% of your sales by selling at least 50% of the items listed online!  (Minimum of 25 items selling online) Check out our Tips below for earning top dollar and 80% of your sales!

Earn 70% by discounting at least 70% of your items! 

Earn 65% (default percentage)

Online Sale Details: 

1.  Minimum price for selling online is $5.00.

2. Considering bundling items to create sets of clothing.  Just make sure the bundles are all the same size/gender!

3. It is extremely important to make sure you upload and sell ONLY top quality items. Remember the 4 C's:

Clean - We cannot accept clothing that have any stains (even slight ones), tears, holes, fuzz balls, soiled/worn areas, odors or loose/broken/missing buttons. Other items should be clean, and not show extreme wear, missing decals or excessive fading. 

Complete - all items need to be 100% complete (no missing pieces) and in fully working condition (batteries included, in battery operated toys and baby gear.) Bags need to be secure and sealed with clear packing tape.

Current - items must have been purchased within the last five years and reflect current styles and fashion trends. Car seats must be less than five years old and you will need to sign a disclaimer at drop-off stating it has not been in an accident or recalled. Cribs must have been manufactured after 6/28/11.

Compliant – We do not accept any recalled products.  Click Here to search for recalled products.


 4. You allowed to upload a total of 5 photos. Make sure to take photos in a well-lit area, and show any small minor imperfections as a close up in the photo. If bundling, make sure first photo shows all pieces, as this will be the main photo displayed.

5.  You can "edit" your price during the live sale.

6.  You will receive an email every time something sells, along with a final email after the conclusion of the sale, with a listing of all sold items.

7. From the Items Sold Online page print your SOLD ITEM TAGS and place them on your SOLD ITEMS - then bring your sold items to drop off at your scheduled time. You can view the photos of the items you have sold, by going to Items Sold Online page, then clicking on order number on the left side. 


Remember, shoppers cannot touch and feel these items so any additional information will be helpful when they consider purchasing your items!  If an item is not up to the shopper's satisfaction, the item will be refunded!  


Note: There will be a $5 charge for any items that are sold that are defective or stained.  In addition, please check your inventory to make sure you still have in your possession the items you are selling. If you sell an item, you no longer have, you will be accessed $5.


Do you want a handy listing of all the categories that are available for you to choose when adding your items?  Click here!


Tips for earning the most online!


 ·         Lay the pieces out flat on a clean, uncluttered background for the photo – lay out a flat bed sheet is great for this!

·        Add additional description-NWT, Only worn once, all pieces included, any minor imperfections(better descriptions lead to shopper confidence)

·         Touch up wrinkled clothing (nothing looks good with massive wrinkles!)

·         Only list items in top condition and current styles.

·         Price your items right.  What would you pay for the item?

·         Price your items for our 1/2 off days.  KCC online gives you the freedom to tag and take photos of your items in the comfort of your home, and only delivering those items that sold.  This is especially nice if you have unusual, one of a kind, larger furniture like kids' furniture and bedroom sets!

Email Sharon at overlandpark.ks@kidscloset.biz for more information!