Fairbanks Online

February 03, 2023 - February 08, 2023

4630 Old Airport Way
Fairbanks, Alaska 99709

Sale Details

Let’s get ready to sell! READ THIS FIRST


  • All inventory will be verified at Consignor Drop Offs, Wednesday thru Thursday , February 8 & 9 at The Great Alaskan Bowl Company at 4630 Old Airport Way in Fairbanks. Drop off spots are available now!


  • All inventory must meet Kid’s Closet Connection standards and will be clean, free from holes, stains, missing pieces, recalls, etc.


  • Items have a minimum listing price of $5.00. If an item is worth less than that baseline, please bundle it with complementary items OR save for our next in-person event. Think same type, size, brand, etc.


  • Up to 5 photos per lot. First/Cover photo must display all items for sale in that lot. Take as many pics as you can and include dimensions, brands, all sizes, and details as you can. This WILL improve your sales!


  • No mixed sizes in lots. ie: 2T only, not 2T-4T mixed sizes in one lot.


  • The last two days of the sale will be 25-50% off days IF item is selected to be discounted. Shoppers WILL NOT be able to tell what items are going to be on sale later.


  • During the sale you may continue to add items, edit prices, and select items to sell half off and we encourage this to keep the sale fresh!


  • For clarity, please keep lots individually bagged.  
    • Attach actual item tag to bag with clear tape.
    • Large items should have item tag attached.
    • No hangers are needed, but please fold clothes nicely and bag. Any soft item (stuffies, blankets, clothing) must be securely bagged.
    • Remember to use masking tape for books, games, puzzles etc.


  • Shoppers are encouraged to inspect items at pickup. If inventory doesn't meet buyer AND sale standards the shopper will be refunded- and inventory returned. Any returned, defective, or rejected item will assess a $5.00 per item charge taken out of final payout. This includes items sold but not delivered, duplicates, etc.
  • There is a $7.50 Consignor Participation Fee for this event. Consignors using our Online format will earn 70% of sales! Fees are taken from the earnings PayPal payment after items have been picked up and approved.
  • Make sure to spread the news of this sale far and wide! We will be offering delivery for a fee and shipping for cost---so tell your friends and family outside or in other parts of Alaska!
  • By registering to sell with Kid's Closet Connection, you are agreeing to accept communication from us in various ways, including but not limited to email, social media, and text messaging (SMS and/or MMS).