Topeka, KS Online

September 26, 2022 - October 01, 2022

1922 NE 70th st
Topeka, Kansas 66617

Sale Details

 Online Selling:

  • In your Control Panel, you can start "adding Items" to our Sales Portal, starting NOW!
  • You will select a Category, and Sub-Category for the items you are adding to our Sales Portal. 
  • You can upload up to 5 photos of the item. 
  • You can add additional items during the LIVE sale.

  • You will receive an email every time something sells, along with a final email after the conclusion of the sale, with a listing of all sold items.

  • You will ONLY tag and drop off your SOLD items.

  • Through this format, we have expanded categories including Mommy's Corner, where you can sell women's clothing, home decor, kitchen, books and more!


1.  Minimum price for selling online is $5.00.

2. Considering bundling items to create sets of clothing.  Just make sure the bundles are all the same size/gender!

3. It is extremely important to make sure you upload and sell ONLY top quality items. Remember the 4 C's:

Clean - We cannot accept clothing that has any stains (even slight ones), tears, holes, fuzz balls, soiled/worn areas, odors or loose/broken/missing buttons. Other items should be clean, and not show extreme wear, missing decals or excessive fading. 

Complete - all items need to be 100% complete (no missing pieces) and in fully working condition (batteries included, in battery operated toys and baby gear.) Bags need to be secure and sealed with clear packing tape.

Current - items must have been purchased within the last five years and reflect current styles and fashion trends. Car seats must be less than five years old and you will need to sign a disclaimer at drop-off stating it has not been in an accident or recalled. Cribs must have been manufactured after 6/28/11.

Compliant – We do not accept any recalled products.


 4. You are allowed to upload a total of 5 photos. Make sure to take photos in a well-lit area, and show any small minor imperfections as a close up in the photo. If bundling, make sure the first photo shows all pieces, as this will be the main photo displayed.


Remember, shoppers cannot touch and feel these items so any additional information will be helpful when they consider purchasing your items!  If an item is not up to the shopper's satisfaction, the item will be refunded!  There will be a $5 charge for any items that are sold that are defective or stained.